Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram Content Strategy

Are you ready to build a community of loyal fans, waiting to hear from you every single day?

Are you ready to convert your Instagram account from a "social media" into a "connecting media" where you actually GROW your brand, without feeling overwhelmed or spending all day on Instagram?

Because this IS possible...



Instagram Content Strategy

The Instagram Content Strategy is a unique eBook for bloggers & solopreneurs that teaches you how to create a highly engaged audience of raving Instagram fans — but without the pain.

The Instagram Content Strategy works for you, regardless of Instagram updates.


So, what's included?

(Loads... here's a summary)

  • The BIGGEST strategy to grow your next 1000 followers in just 30 days (WITHOUT spending a dime on ads)


  • Why not all followers are equal and how the wrong kind can DESTROY your Instagram page


  • How to OPTIMIZE your content for maximum ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT


  • The NUMBER ONE thing you need that will keep your fans coming back for more


  • How and where to organize your posts to save you time, frustration and overwhelm


  • How to use Instagram’s algorithm to get the maximum ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT. With NO additional adspend


  • The EXACT number of times to post on your page to GET ATTENTION of *your* audience


  • Why following the most ‘popular’ [but stupid] strategy about follow-unfollow will DESTROY YOUR STATUS on Instagram


  • How a SIMPLE TWEAK with your Instagram captions can result into MASSIVE SALES


There are a ton of more results you'll get from learning through this Book.


Here's what people are saying about the book:


"These strategies are not shortcuts or peepholes, they are straight-out, real strategies that don’t depend on algorithms. So, an algorithm won’t affect your ‘plan’ at all. I suggest anyone who’s looking to grow their Instagram to invest in this eBook. It’s too affordable in terms of what you’ll receive in return.“


"I had no idea why my content wasn’t appealing to my audience! But your book has connected all the dots together. It has reduced my time spent on Instagram and it is giving me so much better results than ever!"


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27 Modules


5 signs you're in urgent need for an Instagram Content Strategy

Benefits of a Solid Instagram Content Strategy

Define the Purpose of your Account

Define your Audience

Your Posting Schedule

Content Ideas and Determining the Content Type for Your Brand

Instagram Post Types

Instagram Post Content Types

Content Fillers

How to Choose which Content to Post

Framing Captions

Content Ideas for Stories

Model What's Already Working

Duplicating the Successful Posts and Backlinking the Older Posts

Pre-Built Content Strategy for your next 1000 followers

Content Strategy to Promote a Product (Own/affiliate)

Content Ideas to Promote a Blog Post

Content Ideas to Increase your Engagement Rate

Content Strategy to Fulfill your Business Goals

[BONUS] Content Strategy for Sponsored Promotion

Building a Content Plan and how to combine it with your Content Strategy

Let's Recap: Building Your Content Strategy

Conducting a Monthly Instagram Analysis

Some Advanced Tips

Modules for this product 27

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